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"Crazy, messy Chloe.”

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Because Chloe’s facial expressions are stunning

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"Abby’s refusing to say Chloe’s name because she feels that if
she doesn’t say Chloe’s name, she takes away her importance”

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For a little pick me up :) 

Chloe so young and yet to be abused by Abby…(before the show the girls barely saw her because she didn’t teach or choreograph for them…actually Gianna still choreographs for them a lot but its not shown).

She is so advanced! I get that they wanted to make Chloe and Maddie seem like closer competition (despite them being in 9-11 and 8 and under in most competitions). That being said: Chloe’s chaine, pencil, chaine, a la second, fouette and FRONT ATTITUDE turns at age 9 are ridiculously technical and controlled for her age (esp on the east coast).

Her joy however is the best thing of this video! Here’s a little Chlobird love xo 

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